(March 17) STARKVILLE, Miss. — Food safety continues to be an important concern for everybody along the supply chain. And a key component of that concern is traceability.

Global Technology Resources, a Starkville-based technology company, has developed a tracking system that combines a patented, Web-based global positioning system with radio frequency identification technology.

The company’s system can be used to track food products anywhere along the supply chain, including the field, processing facilities, transportation, storage facilities and supermarkets and restaurants.

The product is cataloged at various stages along the supply chain. If a contamination incident is reported or a recall is needed, the product can be located automatically and traced back to the field from which it originated.

In the case of a restaurant, for example, the system can provide a satellite image of the restaurant and its surrounding area. It can trace the product back through the supply chain, isolate the problem, dispatch a crisis team, provide a third-party verification of the product and identify who is responsible for the problem.

The system works by combining several technologies. Biosensors are used on packaging to capture and identify known pathogens for rapid detection. RFID technology is used to track products in and out of warehouses and processing facilities and product in transit.

Spatial technology, such as global positioning, is used to provide the immediate location of potentially tainted items. And satellite technology is used for immediate isolation and real-time images of problem areas.

For more information, visit Global Technology Resources on the Web at www.gtechresources.com.