NEW ORLEANS — HarvestMark unveiled a number of new analytical services at United Fresh 2011 and a new pricing option for grower-shippers looking to become compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative.

“Where we used to charge PTI on a penny/box basis, now it is an annual fee,” said Scott Carr, president and chief executive officer of the Redwood City, Calif.-based company.

The annual fee is either $1,500 or $3,000, plus the cost of the hardware.

“It scales more naturally with the grower-shippers business,” he said.

HarvestMark also displayed hybrid pallet tags, a recently approved element of the PTI standard. The hybrid pallet tag identifies GTINs and lot numbers on the pallet.

HarvestMark, the traceability program of YottaMark Inc., is offering new analytics for users, Carr said. Statistics allow for evaluating the packing performance of various packing sheds, he said.

“We can show them what commodities are packed, by day, at each of the different packing stations,” he said.

Elliot Grant, founder and chief marketing officer of YottaMark, said HarvestMark’s Daily Shopper program, launched in 2010, offers insights on the condition of produce on the shelf.

Through a dataset, HarvestMark associates collect thousand of data points on quality and condition of HarvestMark produce from hundreds of supermarkets across the country every week, he said.

The data could help retailers see which of their co-packers is scoring the best, Grant said. That, in turn, could help retailers then determine if store rotation or quality at the farm may play a role in the variance, he said.

“DailyShopper has turned out to be extremely interesting both from retailer’s point of view and from the shipper’s point of view,” Grant said.

Shippers could commission DailyShopper to determine what grape varieties are showing best shelf life. Beyond that, the service could allow shippers to determine what kind of packaging best preserves shelf life.

Grant said the response has been strong to the just-starting program.

“Everyone who has the volume to use this wants to use this,” he said.

All of HarvestMark item-level customers — about 100 as of early May — have access to the data, he said.

Grant said HarvestMark has several paying customers who are getting customized data from DailyShopper. “Traceability has opened up a whole new way of viewing the supply chain to optimize quality,” he said.

HarvestMark began collecting data for the DailyShopper in October last year and has been actively marketing the service since early April, he said. The system already has coverage in 17 of the top 20 markets, Grant said.

HarvestMark offers new services, pricing plan