Houston-based pallet management services company Ifco Systems opened its 100th warehouse and logistics management facility.

Ifco also added to its list of what the company calls reverse logistics centers, locations where companies can bring empty shipping pallets after use and they can be recycled into new, outgoing shipping orders.

Ifco opened its eighth reverse logistics center in Sterling, Ill., adding to others in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Plainview, Texas; London, Ky.; St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo.

That also marked the company’s 100th facility after just four years in business.

“I’d certainly say it’s a big landmark for the company,” said Tony Zinna, Ifco’s vice president of warehouse and logistics management services. “Especially when you consider it was just back in February 2005 that we opened the company.”

Zinna said Ifco also owns 57 pallet recycling centers around the U.S.

The reverse logistics centers enable retailers to outsource all handling and management of reusable pallets, containers and other reusable and recyclable materials.

“It carves a lot out of transportation,” Zinna said. “It’s environmentally friendly and there are cost benefits.”