Shelton, Conn.-based Inline Plastic Corp. is building a new plastic food container manufacturing and distributing facility in McDonough, Ga.

McDonough is 31 miles southeast of Atlanta.

“In spite of being located in the Northeast, Inline has historically enjoyed steady growth in the Southeastern states,” Tom Orkisz, president of Inline, said in a news release. “Now, we are demonstrating our commitment to the region by opening our own manufacturing and distribution facility in McDonough, Ga. From this location, we can more efficiently service our Southeast customer base with significantly shorter lead times with a broad local product offering.”

Among those products is Inline’s Safe-T-Fresh brand of leak-resistant, tamper-resistant clear PET containers, which package fresh fruits and vegetables among other items, according to the release. Inline also manufactures the SureLock brand of containers.

The new facility will be 158,000 square feet and incorporate manufacturing and warehouse capabilities, according to the release. It’s expected to house a workforce of 100-120 employees.

In addition to shorter lead times, enabling customers to have lower inventory levels and increased inventory turns, customers in the Southeast will have increased production capabilities and capacities, enabling Inline to grow its customer base in that region.