(July 17) Warehouse workers can now use just one device for all data collection, scanning and image capture, with just one device.

Intermec Inc.’s CK31ex is a hand-held computer that integrates imaging technology that can read almost any label from up to 50 feet. The Everett, Wash.-based company started shipping to customers on June 27.

The computer was designed for warehousing, including cold storage. The CK31ex can read bar codes at long distances to make stacking pallets and reading location markers easier. The computer can also read codes that are printed on inexpensive paper as well as retro-reflective labels.

“The CK31ex can also read bar codes through shrink wrap dramatically better than a laser,” said Jon Rasmussen, industry marketing director for consumer and industrial goods.

The computer can also take pictures of products and read codes in virtually all lighting conditions.

The main difference in this technology is that it is not a laser-based like technology already in use by warehouses. This technology takes a picture of codes and then, using software, decodes it faster than a laser.