(May 31) A radio frequency identification pioneer has inked a deal to provide Generation 2 RFID technology to one of Europe’s largest retailers.

Intermec Technologies Corp., Everett, Wash., is supplying RFID readers and mobile computers for use in supply chain management at Cash & Carry stores in Germany, said Kathie Anderson, Intermec’s corporate communications manager.

Since April 1, suppliers of Cash & Carry, a division of global retail giant Metro AG, Dusseldorf, Germany, have been shipping pallets tagged with Intermec’s Generation 2 RFID technology.

This summer, Intermec anticipates introducing case-level Generation 2 technology to the Cash & Carry stores, as well, Anderson said. Cash & Carry is a warehouse chain similar to Costco or Sam’s Club in the U.S., she said. Metro AG has more than 2,100 retail stores in 30 countries.

The technology will not be used at the store level, Anderson said. Instead, Cash & Carry and its suppliers will use the Intermec readers and mobile computers to monitor where product is throughout the supply chain leading to its retail destinations.

Cash & Carry chose Intermec’s IF5 RFID reader/writer not only for its capacity to accurately track and trace pallets, Anderson said, but also for its ability to read mixed-mode tags. The IF5 is able to able to collect information from both Generation 1 and Generation 2 tags, she said.

The rollout of the Generation 2 technology at Cash & Carry is the latest chapter in Metro AG’s affiliation with Intermec, Anderson said. Intermec also has participated in the Metro Group’s Future Store Initiative and its UHF RFID inventory tracking systems at Metro Group’s RFID Innovation Centre.