Produce Labeling & Coding of America (PLACOA), Jackson, N.J., is introducing a food traceability print apply system that not only affixes traceability labels to clamshells and other rigid plastic containers, but also tamper-proofs them.

Courtesy Produce Labeling & Coding of America

The PLACOA/Ree-Pack Series 6 food label applicator produces long, narrow labels that also serve as tamper-proof sealing.

The PLACOA/Ree-Pack Series 6 produces thin, elongated labels that, when placed on top of packaging, can hang over and attach to side panels, effectively tamper proofing the container, said Ched Greenhill, president of PLACOA.

“(The labels) can even go farther around and even wrap around to the bottom,” Greenhill said. “That’s the tamper-proof part of it.”

Greenhill said all systems can be “built to order” from modular components. Labeling head platforms can be built in advance and assembled to customers’ specifications. Applicators are designed to function as part of a labeling system, as a stand-alone system, or integrated with existing packaging machinery.

The compact size of the Series 6 allows it to be placed in tight packinghouse spaces.

Greenhill said the system is designed to integrate with any major brand of print engine. It is capable of printing all approved produce traceability initiative database codes. Optional equipment includes a variety of alarm packages and detection codes.