In an effort to streamline the importing process and lower costs for importers, the Mexican secretary of agriculture is proposing revisions to requirements and phytosanitary specifications for certain produce, according to a notice in the March 3 edition of Diario Oficial, the Mexican government’s equivalent to the U.S. Federal Register.

Comments on the revisions will be accepted for 60 days after the publication. Comments must be submitted in Spanish. To read an English translation and for details on how to comment, visit here.

The translation at this link only summarizes the revisions and only includes information about produce from the U.S.

The proposed revisions incorporate requirements established under the Phytosanitary Requirement Sheet (HRZ) into NOM-008 and would mean that importers would only need to comply with NOM-008 and no longer pay for and request an HRZ to accompany every produce import shipment.

Topics addressed in the revisions include:

  • International Phytosanitary Certificate requirements;
  • Fruits and vegetables should come in new and clean boxes or packages, with information on the product and the packing company and/or exporting company;
  • Products that are part of any work plan must meet the packaging requirements and contain information for traceability that is specifically indicated in the respective work plan; and
  • Fruits and vegetables must be inspected at points of entry in Mexico.