A new screening system from Minneapolis-based Mocon Inc. offers same-day bacterial detection in food.

Two new models in the GreenLight series reduce the testing time and labor needed to determine the levels of bacteria in produce, according to a news release.

The 910 is designed for smaller labs, while the 960 is suited for use in larger labs that require higher throughput.

Because bacteria consume oxygen as they multiply, the device monitors a sample’s change in oxygen to calculate the original sample’s colony-forming units, according to the release.

“Companies will now have a faster, less labor-intensive screening method than the traditional agar plate process which is used by most manufacturing facilities,” Tim Ascheman, senior project engineer at Mocon, said in the release.

“Depending on the desired detection level, results can be obtained between minutes and eight hours.,” Ascheman said. “This is significantly faster than the agar plate method, which typically requires 48 hours to achieve a meaningful microbial count.”

A USB connection enables the system to work with dedicated computer software.