NatureSeal Inc. is introducing a new product designed to help maintain fruit quality during the first steps in processing fresh produce.

NatureSeal releases new fresh-cut processing product

The Westport, Conn.-based NatureSeal is rolling out NatureSeal FS, what it calls the “first step” to maintain quality and extend shelf life in fresh-cut fruit and minimally processed fruit and vegetables.

NatureSeal FS is a sanitizing and processing aid designed for produce in general, while the company’s signature NatureSeal products extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut produce, such as apples, said Susanne Lally, a NatureSeal spokeswoman.
Using fruit acids, NatureSeal FS represents an alternative to chlorine-based washes, according to a news release.

Originally designed to be used in conjunction with Environmentally Safe Solutions Ltd.’s produce washes for fresh produce, NatureSeal FS has been tested in laboratories and is odorless and tasteless, according to the release.

NatureSeal plans to offer the concentrated liquid as well as a dry product in the U.S. soon. Though a specific launch date has not been set yet, Lally said the company plans the release “in the very near future.”

The company offers a liquid concentrate for use in wash tanks in Europe and in the United Kingdom.

The product line has increased to more than 15 formulations to treat more than 30 fresh produce items after processing, according to the release.