Precise, same-day results for bacterial testing can shorten the time between the farm and the fork, according to Mocon Inc., which recently launched its newest Greenlight detection unit.

New device from Mocon gives same-day bacteria counts
Courtesy Mocon Inc.

The Greenlight 910 from Mocon Inc. tests samples for bacteria by measuring oxygen use.

The Greenlight 910 unit reduces traditional 48-hour testing times partly by simplifying the sample prep phase of bacterial testing, according to a news release from Mocon, Minneapolis. Companies with low to medium through-put requirements are likely to benefit the most from the device.

The new unit provides an aerobic plate count or total viable count of a sample’s microbial load by using a sensing assay or vial. As bacteria in the test sample multiply and respire, they consume oxygen. The change in oxygen is used to calculate the colony forming units per gram for solids, according to the release.

“Depending on the expected bacterial load, results can be obtained between minutes and eight hours,” Mocon food safety product manager Mark Theno said in the release.

He said this is significantly faster than the agar or film plate methods. Also, shorter testing cycles provide packers and processors with the potential of getting their perishable food items to the consumer in less time, he said.