(July 15, 2:39 p.m.) Produce Labeling and Coding of America LLC, Lakewood, N.J., has developed a touchless labeling system, dubbed the SMART system.

Packers can print and apply Price Look-Up numbers, Universal Product Codes and GS1 stickers instantly and randomly without touching the fruit, president Ched Greenhill said.

“On one label you can place the traceability information on where it was grown, picked, packed, when it was shipped, the (country of origin) regulations,” Greenhill said. “All this data can be put in by a computer which is then applied onto the produce.”

The labeler can also provide traceability during foodborne illness outbreaks, Greenhill said.

“This is a safeguard because supermarkets can scan the label and find out exactly where it came from,” he said. “It’s also protection for the packer, because he has all the info and can tell the supermarket where it came from.”

The SMART labeler applies stickers onto damp or uneven surfaces, reducing wasted labels, and can apply up to 800 stickers a minute without adjusting for height variations of up to 2 inches, Greenhill said.

This adaptability can reduce costs for equipment and labor, he said.

The system’s full name is the SMART 850PLIR Touchless Vacu-Jet Instant and/or Random Print/Apply Labeling System.

New labeler places tracing stickers rapidly
The SMART labeler applies stickers onto damp or uneven surfaces.