(Jan. 15) Don’t judge the Evoke 2.9-inch downlight by its size.

It might be small, but the diminutive light, introduced six months ago by Fairfield, N.J.-based Amerlux Lighting Solutions, as part of its EcoTectural product line, is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly fixture available for retail produce displays, said Christopher Pica, a public relations representative for Amerlux.

“To create such a light is very demanding to engineer, and they produce such a high-quality performance at such a small size, which is one thing that makes them unique,” Pica said. “Another benefit is that they utilize a wide range of lamping options. It’s very comprehensive.”

The Evoke also provides several beam distribution options — consisting of spot lighting, narrow-and-wide flood lighting and linear spread — and is available in several styles with a variety of finishes and accessories.

The fixture also can use multiple halide lamp brands, Pica said.

For more information, visit www.amerlux.com.