Three apple growers in the Northwest have installed technology from Purfresh to help reduce decay, control ripening and improve food safety.

Auvil Fruit Co., Cowiche Growers and Gebbers Farms are using Purfresh Cold Storage and Purfresh Wash, according to a news release from Fremont, Calif.-based Purfresh.

Purfresh Cold Storage consists of an ozone-based solution and analytics software to purify and monitor refrigerated storage environments, and Purfresh Wash uses a chemical-free disinfectant to wash produce.

“Equipping our storage facilities with the Purfresh Cold Storage system and integrated Intellipur software analytics gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus more on critical business issues rather than having to constantly check on the conditions of our refrigerated storage rooms,” Richard Thomason of Gebbers Farms said in the release.