(Feb. 12, 5:30 p.m.) Netherlands-based Nunhems wants to work more closely with end users of its products.

Beginning in April, the seed company plans to start going direct to growers, while still working with a few strategic distributor partners, to help maximize its value for the seed industry and the produce supply chain.

“It’s about developing relationships and collaborative opportunities while delivering the best possible vegetable genetics,” said Ko Remijnse, Nunhems’ managing director of marketing and sales, in a news release. “Direct and open communication with our customers will allow us to specifically address their needs when developing new, value-added vegetable genetics.”

The company plans to start implementing the strategy in April and will start contacting customers and their partners for further information.

Nunhems plans to continue working with selected distributor partners, including Champion Seed Co., Keithley-Williams Seeds, Stokes Seeds Ltd. and Siegers Seed Co. Inc.

“We see Nunhems as a leader in adapting to change in the industry,” said Keithly-Williams Seeds general manager Pat Cooley, in the release.