(Nov. 7, 12:49 p.m.) A new tool has been developed to help produce exporters ship their products by offering information on sailing schedules around the world.

Parsippany, N.J.-based OceanSchedules.com is an online sailing schedules search site that allows exporters to quickly search for shippers port-to-port or point-to-point at no cost to the user, said managing director Andy Barrons.

“Before OceanSchedules was launched, if a user wanted to search schedules across multiple carriers, they’d have to go to multiple Web sites or sources and put it together manually,” Barrons said. “We thought it would be far more productive if a user could go to one part of the Web and get all of that information.”

Powered by OceanSchedule.com’s Schedule Manager, the interactive tool allows several sorting and filtering options, including by day of arrival and departure, by port and by carrier, Barrons said.

In addition to this information, search results feature information on transit time, vessel name, voyage number, Lloyd’s number, port of export and port of discharge, which can be beneficial for produce importers and exporters, Barrons said.

“With produce, obviously freshness is important and to get visibility of when the produce can leave and arrive,” Barrons said. “Thirty-four percent of our user base is using reefers, so I think we help the shippers plan when the shipments can arrive.”

Shipper requests for quotes or additional information are sent in real time to carriers, and registered users can electronically book with carriers that support bookings via INTTRA, an e-commerce shipping portal, Barrons said.

“It’s as up-to-date as you will find. The carriers are constantly updating their data,” Barrons said. “If anybody had perishable goods, then OceanSchedules is a very useful starting point to see what days, what dates, their goods can depart from a particular port. It’s a good tool that will make the users more efficient and you can assess different transit times as well.”

OceanSchedules.com, which launched in January 2007 with 11 carriers, lists 26 carriers comprising more than 80% of global container schedules, Barrons said.

OceanSchedules.com currently has more than 9,600 registered users and 56,000 unique users per month. A survey of registered users found that one-third of users make six or more searches per week, with 42% contacting a carrier after viewing OceanSchedules.com and about half selecting a carrier based on information from a search, Barrons said.