(Dec. 30, 9:50 a.m.) Three sweet onion importers are joining forces under one label, Tampico Sweets, to market sweet onions from the Tampico region in Mexico.

David K. DeBerry Inc., Edinburg, Texas; The Onion House LLC, Weslaco, Texas, and Eau Claire, Mich.-based SMP Marketing LLC’s McAllen, Texas, office plan to market their Mexican sweet onions under the Tampico Sweets label starting mid-January.

“We figure between three different marketers we’d get more distribution, more interest, and ultimately, more sales,” said Sam Correa, partner and salesman for SMP Marketing.

The companies will still use their own growers and will be responsible for their own packaging, but will use the same boxes and the same label. David K. DeBerry Inc. markets onions grown by Nowell Borders Farms, Edinburg.

Sweet onions from Tampico should be available mid-January, with the bulk of the product coming in by the first of February, and should last until the first of April.