(Aug. 4) OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — In response to growing demand for reusable and radio frequency identification-compatible products, Orbis Corp. has created a 40-inch by 48-inch one-piece rackable pallet.

Samantha Goetz, marketing communications manager for the company, said the pallet can hold up to 2,000 pounds of product on unsupported racking systems. In addition, she said, the design also fits in with most food safety requirements for companies that handle food.

Goetz said the pallet offers compatibility with most automated systems and has smooth, consistent surfaces to accommodate RFID tags and labels.

Lisa Benson, chief information officer for Orbis, said RFID is becoming more important to Orbis customers who use plastic pallets.

“We have found that each customer RFID application differs and requires a custom RFID solution,” she said.

Benson added that a wide range of factors contribute to this, including environment, climate, shipping distances, speeds, number of daily shipments, product type and technology infrastructure. That’s why plastic pallets are more conducive to RFID use, she said.

“In general, plastic pallets offer the most consistent surfaces for RFID tags and allow for repeatable performance within a distribution environment,” she said.

Benson said Orbis works with its customers to recommend the best RFID technology for the right environment.

This involves a number of factors, such as the appropriate type of tag for the customer’s application, tag orientation and placement on the pallet, and how the tag will be attached to the pallet.