(July 3) TKV Containers, Inc., Fresno, Calif., is offering a new grape container designed to hold up under pressure in storage.

The new carton, dubbed the No Bottom Sag, is designed for the five-down format. It has two dividers to separate the grape bags and prevent bottom sagging, said Pete Majarian, general sales manager. This helps eliminate pressure from stacking numerous boxes and helps prevent the products from lying on top of each other. The cartons hold nine grape bags.

TKV Containers ran test trials with the new cartons during last year’s spring season. The trials showed the cartons could store grapes for 60 days without problems, Majarian said. The cartons are being slowly phased into distribution as requested by customers.

“It’s a long-term storage solution,” Majarian said.

Packaging firm offers ‘long-term storage’ solution
No Bottom Sag cartons from TKV Containers Inc., Fresno, Calif., contain two dividers to separate the nine grape bags they are designed to hold.