Primary Package Inc. is adding a biodegradable punnet to its line of packaging.

The Tulare, Calif.-based company is introducing its new paper punnets at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Oct. 2-5 in Anaheim, Calif., said Scott Cernosek, Primary Package’s president.

The company has been outsourcing production of the punnets on a limited bases, Cernosek said. But machinery expected to arrive in the U.S. the week of Oct. 5 will allow the company to produce the packs itself on a widespread basis, he said.

The punnets, which Cernosek said are popular in Europe but so far haven’t gained much traction in the U.S., will come in a variety of sizes and can hold almost all types of fresh fruits and vegetables. Grower-shippers of citrus, kiwifruit and mushrooms are among those who have expressed early interest in the product, he said.

The punnets will come wrapped in environmentally-friendly Flowpack films, which are tailored to different commodities to maximize breathability and shelf life.

Among the attributes of the punnet that appealed to Primary Package was high-graphic visual possibilities, Cernosek said.

“It gives the marketers a great way to show the product,” he said.

Primary Package customers had expressed a desire for printed Flowpack film, but the technology proved to be too difficult, Cernosek. The punnets, by contrast, were a far easier solution, he said.

The product is one of five finalists for the Impact Excellence in Packaging awards, Cernosek said.

Packaging maker rolls out eco-friendly punnet

Courtesy Primary Package

Primary Package has added a biodegradable punnet to its line of packaging.