(Nov. 10, 2:15 p.m.) PakSense Inc. plans to launch a wireless version of its temperature monitoring label in December, allowing companies to download and analyze data faster.

“This will allow the user to assess quality before product is unloaded,” said Amy Childress, marketing programs director for Boise, Idaho-based PakSense.

PakSense’s previous model required the user to touch a label with a contact reader, which meant product had to be unloaded before time and temperature data could be accessed. The user then connected the reader to a computer with a USB cord to download data.

The new product, which was unveiled Oct. 24-27 at Fresh Summit 2008 in Orlando, Fla., allows the user to view data on the reader’s screen. Information, however, still can be downloaded for electronic storage.

The new Ultra Wireless Reader can read labels from up to 300 feet away, Childress said, and up to 15 labels can be downloaded at a time.

Childress said information from the wireless label downloads into the same type of documents used by the earlier version of the product, showing maximum, minimum and average temperatures. The label also reports the time product was within, above or below temperature parameters set by the user.

Childress said the wireless reader costs $399, while the wireless labels are $24.50. That compares to $179 for the contact reader and $12 for the original PakSense labels.

Childress said the company will continue to offer the contact version of the products.

Both versions of the label can be returned to PakSense for recycling, she said.