The machine, called the ST 1000 XL, wraps crates on pallets in film and spaces the wrapping to provide ventilation, said Gary Robbins, packaging training manager.

Pallet wrapper allows for ventilation

“That’s been a challenge with every produce application,” Robbins said. “If there’s no ventilation, there’s mold because the product is encapsulated in moisture.”

Robbins said Watsonville, Calif.-based Driscoll Strawberry Associates used to throw out the top two layers on a pallet of berries because oscillation turned them to mush. That is eliminated with the ST 1000 XL.

Robbins also said the polyethylene film can be recovered and recycled. He said the average cost of wrapping a pallet with the machine is about $1.25.

“There’s a niche market where this is needed,” Robbins said. “This is the second incarnation of the machine. We’ve beefed it up. I think we have one of the best systems out there for something like this.”