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Port of St. Louis?

With its arch, the Missouri city is famous for being a gateway, but until very recently, the list of things it was a gateway for didn't likely include fresh produce imported directly from foreign lands.

That should change June 18, when a DC-10 loaded with four tons of asparagus from Peru is scheduled to touch down at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, according to a story in the Belleview (Ill.) News-Democrat.

The regional airport has added fresh produce this year to its MidAmerica Fresh program, which launched last year with fresh flower imports from Columbia.

The idea is to get imported product to Midwestern retailers fast, rather than waiting for them to be trucked in from Miami or another port.

According to the airport's Web site, if product arrives at 34 degrees or lower, it will pass through handling, customs and clearance and be packed and shipped while maintaining a constant temperature.

A warehouse and packing facility are located on-site at the airport, and product shipped from there can be stamped with the MidAmerica Fresh label.