PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia Regional Produce Market wholesalers say they are eagerly awaiting moving to a new location in south Philadelphia near the airport.

The new building, which has been under construction for a year, is scheduled to be completed by fall with wholesalers planning to relocate operations in October.

“Everyone I talk to is extremely anxious to get in there,” said John Vena Jr., president of John Vena Inc. “Especially with the kind of weather we have had here. The heat has been really taxing on our refrigeration equipment. It’s very difficult to keep everything operating the right way in this kind of weather.”

In early and mid-July, temperatures exceeding 100 degrees hit Philadelphia and other areas of the Northeast, causing some deaths.

Philly market companies anticipate the big move

Doug Ohlemeier

Adam Desmond (from left), food safety coordinator for John Vena Inc., Philadelphia, Daniel Capone, salesman and buyer, and John Vena Jr., president, examine mangoes on the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market in mid-July.