Peppers and tomatoes on the vine shipped in biodegradable PLA packaging may have a longer shelf life.

PLA packaging may extend shelf life

Courtesy Eosta BV

A study conducted in the Food and Biobased Research Department of the University of Wageningen, in Holland, found that packing peppers and tomatoes-on-the-vine in PLA extended shelf life by two days, according to a news release from Eosta BV, a Waddinxveen, Holland-based organic produce shipper.

The study was commissioned by Eosta, a heavy user of PLA, and two other companies, Taghleef Industries, a manufacturer of packaging foils, and Bio4Pack, a marketer of bioplastics.

PLA, or polylactid acid, is derived from corn starch, sugar cane and other renewable resources. Minneapolis-based NatureWorks LLC, a division of Cargill Dow LLC, is the largest U.S. producer of the material, which is used in clamshells, films and other fresh produce packaging.