(Jan. 12, 10:00 a.m.) There appear to be few clues as to who made off with more than 60 tons of Casanova brand mangoes from the Vineland, N.J., Produce Auction in early December.

“(The mangoes weren’t) recovered,” said Sgt. Adam Austino of the Vineland Police Department last week. “And we have no suspects at this time.”

Thieves stole two 53-foot refrigerated trailers full of Brazilian mangoes, valued at $150,000, on Dec. 3. Authorities recovered the two trailers the next morning on Interstate 295, about 20 miles north of Vineland. Both were empty.

“We have no idea where they were unloaded,” Austino said.

Security cameras caught part of the thefts on video. It wasn’t clear enough to make an identification, but it showed the thieves stole the mangoes shortly after Krichmar Produce closed, said Kenny Krichmar, one of the company’s managers.

The Vineland Police Department, through Crime Stoppers, is offering a $1,000 reward, but it has yet to receive any leads.

“Police haven’t contacted us (recently),” Krichmar said. “A detective was down here asking questions the week before Christmas. We haven’t heard anything since.”

The trailers each contained 30 pallets of Casanova brand mangoes, each pallet weighing about a ton. Casanova brand mangoes are rare in the northeastern U.S., and Krichmar said his company is the only one in the region that imports them.

Krichmar said it’s still not known who will pick up the cost of the stolen mangoes. It’s still being determined whether the cost will be picked up by cargo insurance, Krichmar Produce, or the company that owned the mangoes, Coast Tropical.

“Nothing’s been resolved there, either,” Krichmar said.