A new bridge constructed at south Florida’s Port Everglades should help improve logistics by allowing trucks to more efficiently move within the port area.

Port Everglades opens bridge to ease transport time

On June 10, the port opened the Manatee Crossing bridge to help provide faster truck movements.

The bridge joins areas that a canal and two security checkpoints previously separated.

The new bridge, which cost $11.5 million, allows truck drivers to traverse between Midpoint and Southport without having to exit and re-enter through restricted port areas.

Instead of traveling through two security stops, truckers now only have one checkpoint to enter, according to a news release.

“This bridge is a symbol of how the age of enhanced security has changed our lives and how we have learned to overcome adversity to actually create a better, stronger product,” Broward County commissioner Stacy Ritter said in the release.

About 100 people attended the bridge’s opening.

One of the leading U.S. container ports, Port Everglades serves as a trade gateway for goods shipped from and to Central America, South America and the Caribbean.