Fox Packaging, a mesh and poly/mesh bag manufacturer, says its potato bag protects product from light damage, and now has research to prove it.

A three-month Michigan State University study tested the Fox Combo Ultra Shield potato bag, which has a two-layer poly film that helps block light, according to a news release from McAllen, Texas-based Fox.

Researchers looked at the greening effects of different potato varieties in six bag types, including the Combo Ultra Shield. The potatoes were evaluated for greening after storage in direct light and in a light-proof chamber.

The researchers concluded that the Combo Ultra Shield bag outperformed the others, and that “the bag transmission data show that bags which have the light-blocking polymer successfully block greater than 99% of all visible light and over 90% of ultraviolet light,” according to the release.

The bags are available in 1- to 20-pound sizes and have a white poly front, which allows for printing. The nonabrasive mesh back offers breathability and comes in various colors, and a wicketed top makes the bag compatible with standard poly bag-filling machinery, according to the release.

“Right from the conceptualization, we knew the Ultra Shield bag was a groundbreaking design and would have a significant impact on potato retailing,” Craig Fox, vice president of Fox Packaging, said in the release. “We are very pleased with MSU’s findings and are excited to be able to share the data with the industry.”