Heat and ultraviolet light are enemies when it comes to the display of fresh produce on the grocery shelves.

Greenville, S.C.-based Prescolite thinks it’s found a solution to that with the development of its AKT6LED track lighting system.

The new LED lighting produces less glare and higher levels of contrast in the merchandising space, creating appeal for product in a high-impulse buying area.

More important for the freshness and shelf life of the produce, however, is that the lights produce no heat or UV rays.

“When you think of traditional lamp sources, you find that 70-watt metal halide lamps are most common,” said Ron Newbold, director of brand management for Prescolite. “They put out a lot of heat and UV light. We’ve found from research that UV accelerates the release of ethylene gas, which accelerates spoilage.

“With the LEDs, there is no UV, and any heat is expelled out the back side of the track head. We’re able to maintain the vibrant colors in the produce as well.”

Another advantage to the LED lights, Newbold said, is that they consume a lot less energy than the traditional halide lamps — 14 watts compared to 79 watts used by the T6 70W metal halide. That results in a reduction of energy consumption of 80%, Newbold said.

“We developed this fixture with produce in mind,” he said.

The AKT6LED lights are available in different configurations and light intensities. Visit www.prescolite.com for more information.