Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., Addison, Ill., is launching a new product it’s calling StreamOne, a polyester lidding for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications that the company claims uses 50% less material and aids in downstream recycling.

Rollprint launches StreamOne recyclable polyester lidding

Courtesy Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.

Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.'s StreamOne lidding is thinner than conventional lidding film, using up to 50% less material.

StreamOne is designed to replace traditional mixed-polymer laminates without sacrificing performance when sealing to polyethylene terephthalate or polyethylene terephthalate glycol trays, according to a release from Rollprint. Because the material is completely polyester, the lidding can be recycled in the same stream along with the tray.

StreamOne lidding also is a thinner material using up to 50% less material, according to the release.

“Our customers have been requesting a material that is easier to recycle while still meeting performance requirements,” Dwane Hahn, director of sales and marketing for Rollprint, said in the release. “StreamOne lidding does exactly that. Also, because we’re using less material, StreamOne lidding typically offers cost reduction greater than 15%.”

Hahn added that StreamOne lidding has been engineered with a wide sealing window to run on horizontal form-fill seal units. The lids also have a tamper-evident feature that turns white at the point of contact with the tray when it is removed without leaving residue on the flange.