Duncan, S.C.-based Sealed Air Corp. is introducing through its Cryovac brand integration software it thinks pulls together all facets of a company’s operations like no solution previously on the market.

Cryovac’s PakFormance is a combination of hardware, software, equipment and services — designed specifically for the food packaging industry — that the company believes gives food processors unrivaled control and oversight of their equipment, providing an ability to control and improve productivity and performance, and resulting in sustainable reductions in operating costs.

“Think of it functioning similarly to (General Motors’) OnStar, except that it’s geared toward industrial equipment,” said Timothy Dennison, North America systems director of automation and integration for Sealed Air. “We monitor the equipment in real time and can automatically send out diagnostic reports. We can dispatch our customer’s maintenance department via text message or e-mail, or we can dispatch our own service personnel … PakFormance can also automatically take action and make process changes under customer defined conditions.”

For example, Dennison said, say there is a vacuum leak on one of six rotary system chambers, yielding packages that are out of specifications. Without PakFormance, one out of every six products packaged would be defective. The defects would have to be detected and maintenance notified, resulting in downtime and product waste.

Dennison said PakFormance is capable of picking up the faulty chamber immediately, inhibiting the release of products to that chamber. It would fire off notification to maintenance, which can log onto the PakFormance Web portal and look up troubleshooting procedures and spare part numbers.

At the next scheduled downtime, maintenance is ready at the machine with the right parts to fix the problem.

Dennison said the system results in labor savings in terms of maintenance labor in troubleshooting and operator labor in repacking products, material savings and, because of no unscheduled downtime, increased production.

The integration solutions were introduced during a Cryovac automation & integration event held Sept. 2-3 at the Packforum Americas facility in Atlanta.