(Sept. 24) SALINAS, Calif. — Greg Mainis is trying to make his company live up to its name.

At least, that’s what the owner and chief programmer of Salinas-based Simplified Software had in mind with the latest version of the company’s Shipper Advantage software package.

“We’ve talked a lot to our customers and asked what they wanted put into the system and what they might need as the market keeps changing,” he said. “We wanted to make it quicker, easier and as simple for the user as possible.”


The new version of Shipper Advantage, released in early September, features a grower charges module that will allow the shipper to go into the system and create an invoice for a grower against any document within the system.

There also is a purchase order module that automatically processes receiving documents into the accounts payable system without having to push any extra buttons.

“It’s all about streamlining the process,” Mainis said.

In addition, the new version has a pooling module that allows shippers to process returns for an entire group of growers. The returns can be processed to the specifications of each grower without having to re-enter the information each time.

A repack module has been designed to help shippers repack, reallocate and move inventory in whatever form they require. Mainis said the system also will figure out shrink.

An inventory module allows users to see the inventory even as they are placing an order into the system. A shipper can view the inventory and move an item directly from the inventory screen into the order form.


Shipper Advantage also features a simpler way to do price changes after a sale.

“We’ve added some new codes and new programming capability to handle these transactions,” Mainis said. “You can easily change prices later on, even after the order has been processed and shipped.”

Not only that, Mainis said, but any line in any order can be adjusted throughout the system, regardless of where the order is in the system. The user calls up the order, clicks on the line and makes the change. The adjustment is then automatically made throughout the system.

Mainis said all of Simplified’s accounting modules have been updated to go along with the shipper package.

“Typically, you don’t get a CPA doing your accounting,” he said. “A lot of times you have a clerical assistant without a lot of accounting experience. So we’ve tried to make that portion of the system as easy as possible, so that they don’t have to be an accountant to use the system.”

For more information, call Simplified at (831) 757-4585 or visit www.simplifiedsoftware.net.