Two California companies have partnered to create a system that combines produce labeling and payroll data collection.

The software, from Salinas-based Truetrac and Fresno-based Orange Enterprises, collects traceability and crop management information — along with payroll data — in one place, making it available to all companies involved, according to a news release.

“Farmers and harvesting companies employ workers and need to collect their payroll data,” Ray Connelly, general manager of Truetrac, said in the release. “Shippers contract to have cartons packed and require PTI-compliant labels put on their cartons. Combining the Truetrac Information Platform with Orange Enterprises’ PET (Payroll Employee Tracking) Tiger software allows companies to operate separately but share data together, all from a single data-entry point.”

PET Tiger can collect payroll information in the field, packinghouse and processing facilities, and works with a company’s existing payroll software, according to the release.

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