(Jan. 16) An $11 million deal with a major food retailer should put Sterilox Food Safety’s sanitation systems in more stores throughout the nation.

London-based Reuter’s news service reported the new client is Safeway Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., but Denny Romer, vice president of foodservice and hospitality at Sterilox, declined to confirm that report.

Sterilox, Malvern, Pa., is expected to install it sanitation systems in all of a major retailer’s stores by the end of 2009, according to a Sterilox news release.

Sterilox, a division of PuriCore, Malvern, uses Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency-approved hypochlorous acid as a food and surface sanitizer.

More than 20 U.S. supermarket chains use the machine that produces the acid. Owners hook up the machine to a water line, plug it in to an electrical outlet and add water-softening salt.

The machine produces the hypochlorous acid at a rate of about 40 gallons per hour. A milder concentration of the product is used directly on food, while higher concentration is used on hard surfaces. The acid is highly effective at killing E. coli, salmonella, norovirus, pseudomonas, yeast and molds, the company reported.

The solution, when used as a replacement for water in display misters, improves the life of produce, according to the company. It helps slow down the decaying process, while killing bacteria and sanitizing the misting lines it runs through.

Sterilox expects to begin installation in February, according to a news release.