The Nogales, Ariz.-based division of a leading Michigan fruit and vegetable grower and distributor has introduced a branded box for Mexican grapes.

Superior Sales introduces grape box

Courtesy Superior Sales

Hudsonville, Mich.-based Superior Sales Inc. began packing grapes in Superior-branded 18-pound recyclable boxes in May, according to a company news release.

It’s the first time the company has shipped grapes under the Superior label.

“Our new grape box is already receiving positive reviews,” Brian LaForest, the company's grape category manager and general manager of Superior/South, said in the release. “After many months of concept and planning, we settled on a simple yet bold design that best showcases our brand and product.”

Superior announced in January the creation of Superior/South, a new division devoted to Mexican-grown fruits and vegetables.

The company has imported grapes from the Sonora growing region of Mexico since 1998. Mexican vegetables followed in 2002.