Maintaining the integrity of the cold chain with on-demand temperature monitoring for fresh produce is the goal of a joint effort announced April 12 by officials of Intelleflex Corp. and Jamison RFID who unveiled a new system at the ninth annual RFID Live conference in Orlando, Fla.

Jamison RFID, a division of Jamison Door Co., Hagerstown, Md., is incorporating RFID tags and readers with trademarked Intelleflex XC3 Technology into its warehouse and portal systems for cold storage management, according to a news release from Intelleflex, Santa Clara, Calif.

Advantages of the system, according to the release, include: read and write ranges of 300 feet; accurate readings in “RF-unfriendly” environments including items in motion; download speeds 10 times faster than other systems; and reusable tags with up to four times the battery life of other systems.

The new XC3 system also allows for “precise, pallet-level temperature monitoring throughout the cold storage area and in-transit that optimizes the rotation of perishables and enables FEFO (First Expired, First Out) inventory management. (And supports) multiple alarm states to quickly and easily locate at-risk perishables with real-time notification,” according to the release.