In January, Lachenaie, Quebec-based Nita Labeling Equipment introduced the Carroussel, the latest version of its ShellShock clamshell labeler.

Third generation of clamshell labeler introduced

Courtesy Nita Labeling Equipment

The Carroussel clamshell labeler.

The Carroussel is the third generation of ShellShocks, which were first introduced in June 2008, said Claudio Napoleoni, Nita’s marketing director.

The ShellShock can label 60 or 70 containers per minute and is perfect for berries, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and other fresh fruits and vegetables, Napoleoni said.

One advantage of the ShellShock is that it can apply both standard, top-of-the-pack labels and C-shaped labels, which are affixed across the clamshell’s opening, discouraging tampering.

“It enhances the look of the product and gives the consumer peace of mind that the package has not been opened,” Napoleoni said of the C-shaped labels.

Another advantage of the ShellShock is that it uses no proprietary parts, Napoleoni said. That means users can find replacement parts at any component store, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of relying on an exclusive supplier, he said.