A Florida citrus grower-shipper is changing its packaging.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Inc., Clermont, Fla., is saying how “Good Things Come in Eco-Friendly Packages!” as it switches to mesh fruit bags and fresh fruit cartons for the 2010-11 season.

Trying to remain consistent with its environmental values, Uncle Matt’s publicized the altering of packaging on all of its fresh fruit bags and fresh fruit cartons.

Starting this season, the organic grower-shipper plans to pack its fresh fruit in Vexar mesh bags with EcocycleTM technology and pack fruit in cartons manufactured with 100% recycled fiber by Pratt Industries, according to an Oct. 12 news release.

“Vexar netting with EcocycleTM Technology offers an effective and economical means of addressing increasing environmental concerns regarding single use packages,” Uncle Matt’s officials said in the news release. “Complying with all FDA food contact regulations, EcocycleTM Technology is both recyclable and degradable after three to five years. It is also non-toxic — leaving no harmful residue in the soil or waste streams.”

Pratt Industries’ recycled fiber boxes should help packers reduce tree use, oil, water and electricity, according to the release.

By shipping all of its fruit in 100% recycled corrugated boxes, Uncle Matt’s estimates it will save more than 3,533 trees, 523 yards of landfill, 900,790 gallons of fresh water, more than 74,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and 62 tons of CO2 footprint.