(UPDATED COVERAGE, Dec. 16) Apio Inc., Guadalupe, Calif., has completed an expansion of its processing facility, giving the company more room to store product.

The 40,000-square foot expansion to the company’s fresh-cut vegetable processing facility opened Nov. 19 after construction started in the spring, and the new space is refrigerated to hold raw product, according to the company.

Candice Blackmoore, director of marketing, said the total square footage of the new facility is 176,000 square feet and will provide Apio with “greater operational efficiencies with warehouse operations, maintenance, inventory rotations and product transfer.”

With the new processing plant, Blackmoore said the company’s raw product handling capacity doubled and will provide more storage and production capacities for Apio’s customers.

Apio Inc., a subsidiary of Landec Corp., sells fresh-cut vegetables under the Eat Smart brand. A second phase of expansion is planned early next year, to add 7,500-square feet of receiving dock at the same facility and will be completed by next summer, Blackmoore said.

The addition will also allow Apio to store all raw product materials on-site and reduce the complexities of off-site warehouse maintenance, according to the company.