(March 11, 11:55 a.m.) WeighPack Systems Inc., Montreal, has redesigned its XPdius brand of vertical bagging machines with maintenance in mind.

The new XPdius Elite has an open, accessible design allowing for easy cleaning and access to all parts of the machinery.

“We already had great performance (with this machine),” said Nicolas Durand, vice president of sales. “When we looked in 2008 how we could better that machine, we had already maxed out the speed and efficiency.”

Improvements, however, were made on how users interface with the machine and perform maintenance.

Durand said the new XPdius Elite has fewer nooks and crannies where dust and debris can accumulate.

“One of the big things we did is no more outer shell on the machine,” Durand said. “That just added time to the cleaning process. We’ve cut down (cleaning) time by three-quarters or 80% just because everything is open.”

The new machine has pneumatic and electric circuits split into two distinct areas, making for more clear-cut and easier troubleshooting.

Improved user features include a control panel which rests on an adjustable arm and can be raised or lowered to a preferable height.

“The main changes relate to the ease of operation,” Durand said. “Everything has been very well received by people who have seen it.”