Salinas, Calif.-based TrueTrac LLC and FoodLogiQ, Durham, N.C., have been selected as preferred technology solution vendors by Western Growers.

Western Growers, Irvine, Calif., asked about 50 technology providers in June to submit proposals on comprehensive technology solutions for food safety, traceability and sustainability applications.

Western Growers selects two preferred vendors

The two companies, selected in November from a field of six finalists, will offer still-to-be-determined price discounts to Western Grower members as a result of the group’s endorsement, said Hank Giclas, senior vice president of science technology and strategic planning for the association

“We worked to try to find some vendors that would offer their solutions to our members at discounted rates,” Giclas said Jan. 27.

Giclas said the companies and Western Growers are entering a one-year trial period. TrueTrac and FoodLogiQ each have customers or pilot programs in California. They are not paired together as vendors, Giclas said.

“This would be a choice for our members based on what best fits their operations,” he said. “We are rolling them out as best in class and the discounted service would apply regardless of which one (is) selected,”

Western Growers believes the two companies can both provide comprehensive solutions for traceability, food safety and sustainability.

Even so, both firms offer systems that can work with other companies that Western Grower members may already have in place, he said.

Giclas said Western Growers would be aggressive in promoting the two companies in the coming months.

“We see this as a potential one-stop shop for our membership to be able to access both software and hardware at discounted rates that will help them aggregate and report as they see fit information related to food safety, traceability and sustainability,” he said.

Ray Connelly, general manager of TrueTrac LLC, said the company was pleased to be selected by Western Growers as a preferred technology solutions provider.

“It was a pretty rigorous process that Western Growers put us through, and we’re pretty pleased that we came out looking pretty good in their eyes,” he said.

He said TrueTrac, established in July 2008, has a traceability system that satisfies the needs of complicated, high-risk crops for the Produce Traceability Initiative.

“For a few cents per label you can have a complete turnkey system,” Connelly said.

Andy Kennedy, president of FoodLogiQ, said that the company has more than 50 growers, packers and shippers using their system now.

“We pride ourselves on being a single provider for software, hardware, labels and services with integrated solutions for traceability, food safety and sustainability,” Kennedy said in an email.