(Nov. 10, 3:35 p.m.) RAVENNA, Ohio — With the cost of fuel spiraling out of control, distributors are doing whatever they can to control costs.

Ervin Pavlofsky, co-owner of ProduceOne, Dayton, said his company replaced 18 of its 25 trucks this year.

“We’re trying to be as fuel efficient as possible,” he said. “We’re using some smaller, more economical and more fuel efficient trucks for some of our city routes.”

Sirna & Sons Produce, Ravenna, installed a large fuel tank at its Ravenna distribution center this year so that on the rare occasion that diesel prices fall, the company can stock up.

Vice president Vince Sirna said the company has started loading trucks a few hours later in the day than it used to so that trucks idle less. Sirna said the move was saving the company 130 gallons per day.

Sirna said the company also has changed, consolidated and eliminated routes to make deliveries as efficient as possible. The company, which has 65 trucks, cut five routes on Tuesdays so that it can park as much of its fleet as possible one day a week.

President Tom Sirna said the company would like to cut Tuesday deliveries entirely, but that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

“We built our reputation and our business on service,” he said, “so how do you now go to them during tough times and say, ‘This is all we can do for you.’”

Sam Zingale, vice president of the Sanson Co., said the Cleveland distributor still makes deliveries seven days a week.

“There’s always competition that will do it if you don’t,” he said. “The business isn’t that simple.”

Tim Tosca, owner of Will W. Fischer & Son Co., Columbus, said his company has been using fuel surcharges for the past three years.

“You have to in order to cover costs,” he said. “I’m not sure we charge enough, to be honest.”