Zip-Pak, the Manteno, Ill.-based packaging company with more than 200 patented zipper products, is adding another to its line.

Zip-Pak adds smaller Slider closure

Courtesy Zip-Pak

Zip-Pak's new Slider Advantage has one of the smallest slider clips in the line, according to the Manteno, Ill.-based company.

The Zip-Pak Slider Advantage has one of the smallest slider clips — the piece of plastic that opens and closes the resealable package — in the Zip-Pak Slider line of products, according to a news release from the company.

The smaller product is being positioned as more environmentally sustainable than others, as it was manufactured using less material. That same quality also reduces manufacturing costs, according to the release.

“Today’s consumers are more aware of product packaging than ever before, ad the introduction of the smaller slider clip enables brands to deliver more sustainable packages while maintaining maximum shelf impact,” said Elizabeth Sheaffer, marketing manager, in a news release.

As with its other Slider products, the technology allows for consumers to store the product in its original packaging, as they are able to reseal the packages.

“Seeing the consumer-preferred slider at the point-of-purchase assures shoppers that the packaging is easy to use and the product will stay fresh,” Sheaffer said in the release.

The Slider Advantage can be applied to pre-made pouches and form/fill/seal applications, and can run on most packaging formats and machinery configurations, according to the release.