Bagged citrus has become a staple in the category, but trends for each year can vary. Promotions for citrus bags are especially related to pricing, which means bag size trends can change each year, suppliers said.

Determining the right type of bag is also important to having a successful promotion.

Doug Sankey, sales manager of Parlier, Calif.-based Sunwest Fruit, said the company’s Giro bag is a good option because it allows the fruit to be displayed while still leaving room for some graphics on the bag.

“It’s a nice bag because you can use pictures of the fruit and use some nice graphics to make the eye appeal for the consumer a little more tempting,” Sankey said.

The bag also stands up well rather than falling over.

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers also takes advantage of the upright bag trend with its partnership with Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers LLC on the Lil Snapper brand.

“Consumers are looking for packaging that is eye-catching, convenient and able to convey educational information such as nutritional information, usage ideas or recipes. Pouch bags are becoming increasingly popular because they meet all of these criteria,” said Joan Wickham, manager of advertising and public relations for Sunkist.

Neil Galone, vice president of sales and marketing for Booth Ranches LLC, Orange Cove, Calif., said retailers like bagged citrus because it means a higher ring-through and fewer sales needed to move an entire carton.

“The nice thing about bags is that you only have to make eight sales to sell a carton of 5-pound bags. If you buy a box of 56 bulk oranges, you have to make 56 sales,” Galone said.

For an 8-pound bag, only five sales are needed to sell a carton.

Bags also offer a better value to the consumer, which encourages sales, but that means retailers have to watch the market to determine what items truly provide that value.

“This is a year when the fruit size is fairly large, so we suggest retailers look at promoting that option instead of just smaller fruit,” Galone said.

He said it’s best to plan promotions and bag sizes based on what type of fruit is predominant in the market in order to offer the best value to consumers.