Chilean avocado marketers say they’ll focus on scoring big at retail this year, with a Grab Some for the Game promotion.

The promotion, which heads the marketing efforts of the Chilean Avocado Importers Association, will include more than $40,000 in prize money for top retail avocado displays.

Participating produce managers who submit a qualified Chilean avocado display photo will receive an online scratch cards and have a chance to win from $50-500, said Karen Brux, marketing director for the San Carlos, Calif., association.

The association is backing the promotion and other ongoing retail merchandising efforts with an array of point-of-sale materials, Brux said.

“With different themes, these materials will allow retailers to focus on everything from different eating occasions — like holidays and football — to the health and nutrition attributes of avocados,” she said.

The association’s promotional efforts again will spill into social media, Brux said.

“The CAIA will provide retailers information, recipes, images and videos that can be posted on retail Facebook pages, websites or blogs,” she said.

Retailers also will be offered chances to win gift cards through the association’s Chilean Avocado Lovers Club. 

“Shoppers can go online to enter and can also scan QR codes on retail point of sale material,” Brux said.

Merchandisers will work with retailers to develop customized promotions to support their sales, Brux said.

“The more targeted we can be with our marketing efforts, the more successful we’ll be in expanding the market for Chilean avocados,” she said.

The emphasis is primarily on the retail sector in the 2013-14 Chilean deal, Brux said.

“There are certainly numerous foodservice opportunities for avocados, but we’ll be focusing on retail programs during the coming season,” she said.

For retailers, the dawn of another Chilean season is a chance for more of everything in avocados, since California’s and Mexico’s seasons still will be peaking, said retail produce analyst Dick Spezzano, owner of Spezzano Consulting Service, Monrovia, Calif.

“Certainly, there are incentives from all three, and you see retailers running ads for hand-picked fruit from California or Chile or Mexico,” he said.