Fox Packaging packs NBA FIT bags

Fox Packaging, McAllen, Texas, is making a Fox combo bag for oranges in two sizes, 4- and 8-pound bags, for the NBA FIT program for kids.

“We are very excited to be a part of this program,” said Gabriel Cuellar, vice president of business development.

“Their motto is ‘Be active, eat healthy and play together,’” he said. “By using fruit as part of the larger campaign of the NBA Cares, this organization aims to reach kids through basketball to be more fit.”

Cuellar said there are several citrus producers packing in the bags that started shipping after Thanksgiving.


Lone Star Citrus offers 3-pound grapefruit bag

Mission, Texas-based Lone Star Citrus Growers has begun packing a 3-pound grapefruit bag, according to Trent Bishop, vice president of sales.

“It’s a pretty specific pack, but there are a few retailers using it. It gives us an option to reach a certain price point,” Bishop said.

He expects to see more interest in the bag as the second half of the season begins.

The company began packing the bag in November.


Sunkist campaign focuses on mothers

Sunkist Growers, Sherman Oaks, Calif., has used research on grapefruit trends as the basis for a promotion, according to Joan Wickham, manager of advertising and public relations.

“Research has indicated millennial women are consuming more grapefruit, and Sunkist is leveraging this trend by introducing modern uses for grapefruit with the Not Your Mother’s Grapefruit campaign,” Wickham said.

The idea behind the campaign is to reignite the fruit’s popularity by educating younger consumers about grapefruit as a nutrient-rich superfood that is also delicious.

The company has an online grapefruit brochure with more information about the health and wellness benefits of grapefruit.

Sunwest gears up to ship murcotts

Doug Sankey, sales manager of Parlier, Calif.-based Sunwest Fruit Co., said the company is ready to begin its murcott crop. Sankey said he expected harvest to begin on Jan. 16.

So far, he said the early quality looks to be very nice, with slightly larger sizing than normal.

Before the harvest began, Sunwest updated its mandarin packing line, which will now be used to ensure the quality of shipments after the potentially damaging December freeze.

“The line is brand new, so it’s all updated and ready for this season. We updated the line and included additional checking stations to verify quality is staying consistent,” Sankey said.