LAS VEGAS — Avocados, beer and soccer: a perfect combination, according to APEAM, the Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Michoacán.

APEAM partners with Coors for soccer promotion

Ashley Bentley

A new floor display bin from APEAM should be seen alongside displays of Coors beer this summer, before and during the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, urging consumers to purchase five avocados and a case of Coors.

The association and Golden, Colo.-based Coors Brewing Co. are working together on a new promotion centered around the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament this summer.

The promotion, which is set to include point-of-purchase materials and coupons for purchases of multiple avocados and Coors Light beer, is set to launch in May and run through mid-July, said Emiliano Escobedo, marketing director for APEAM.

“The strategy is to increase the purchase of multiples by offering $1 off a purchase of five avocados,” Escobedo said. “(On average), consumers buy 3.5 avocados, so we want them to buy five.”

Signage is set to appear on floor displays for Coors Light, as well as on cooler doors. The association is also offering a new bin, which can be used as a stand-alone avocado display near the beer, Escobedo said.

Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois and New Mexico are set to participate in the promotion, Escobedo said.

In states that, because of regulations, can’t run promotions on beer, the coupons will only require purchase of avocados. In states that can run promotions on beer, the coupon will require the purchase of five avocados and one 12-pack of Coors light of Coors Banquet bottles or cans.

APEAM partners with Coors for soccer promotion


The FIFA World Cup tournament kicks off June 11 with Mexico taking on South Africa.

APEAM also hired a business development manager for the West coast, a new position for the association. Ryan Fuduka, a 12-year employee of Ready Pac, joined the association in March.

Fuduka started with Irwindale, Calif.-based Ready Pac as a retail sales representative, then moved up through retail sales supervisor and sales manager before leaving the company. He also spent five years with Gelson’s Markets, based in Encino, Calif.