In a move aimed at eliminating mysteries about its growers’ unique fruit, the California Kiwifruit Commission has produced a video.

California growers take kiwifruit message to YouTube

“We find that consumers are still a bit unfamiliar with our product,” Chris Zanobini, president of the commission, said in a news release. “So, we developed a quick and fun way to distribute information on kiwifruit to consumers through one of the most popular sites on the internet, YouTube.”

The video, which features Reedley grower-shipper Jerry Kliewer, educates shoppers on how to select, ripen and store kiwifruit and offers suggestions on using the fruit in a variety of dishes.

Kliewer’s father, Lowell Kliewer, planted the family’s first kiwifruit nearly 40 years ago. Most of the four-minute video was shot on Kliewer’s 132 acres of kiwifruit, Jerry Kliewer said.

“I think the video is well done,” he said. “It hits the points that need to be emphasized to educate shoppers.”

Early winter is a good time for California kiwifruit sales, Zanobini said. There are ample supplies in storage, and eating quality is at its peak, according to the release.

In addition to YouTube, the kiwifruit video is posted on the commission’s website, The commission distributed the video to 1,200 food editors and bloggers, according to the news release. Retailers are encouraged to link their own websites to the California Kiwifruit Commission site or directly to the video.