The Cameo Apple Marketing Association is rolling out a retail bin promotion that it hopes will boost wintertime apple sales.

Cameo Apple Marketing Association introduces new bins

Courtesy Cameo Apple Marketing

The Cameo Apple Marketing Association is rolling out an in-store merchandiser bin display that it says boosts wintertime apple sales.

The Wenatchee, Wash.-based organization is introducing a retail promotion kit that uses an in-store merchandiser bin display, website downloads and social media to communicate the apples’ benefits to the consumer, according to a news release.

Designed to be erected in stores in less than one minute, the association ships the bins to supermarkets in trucks loaded with fruit from Washington.

Each unit includes set up instructions and can hold bulk or bagged product.

The bins feature a recipe for low calorie chili-rubbed salmon with Cameo apple and peanut slaw, which is also available for consumers to download from the association’s website

The association is also planning to spread the word on Facebook and use other media while the apples and merchandisers go on ad with retailers.

The promotion focuses on the Cameo variety’s crunch through its “Experience the Flavor and Crunch of Cameo Apples” theme.

Cameo sales increased nationally by 45.4% in winter 2010, compared to winter 2009, Kevin Precht, marketing program director, said in the release.

“The category increased by 5% for that same period,” he said. “Cameo helps retailers bring consumers back to the category after fall and drive new dollars and volume during the crucial winter period. This new winter Cameo promotional platform helps retailers drive sales by communicating the outstanding crunchiness and flavor of this variety to shoppers.”