An onion sprout recall in Canada from Living Foods Ltd., Innisfail, Alberta, is being expanded to include another batch of product.

The distributor recalled its Sprouts Alive products, a 2.5-ounce pack of baby onion sprouts and a 130-gram pack of alfalfa and onion sprouts, with “best before” dates up to Sept. 11 on Aug. 26.

The original recall from the company included the same products but only with “best before” dates up to Aug. 28.

These two recalls and an Aug. 9 recall from Sunsprout Natural Foods, Brantford, Ontario, are suspected to be linked to a small outbreak of Salmonella Cubana, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada. Seven cases in Ontario and five in Alberta had been confirmed by Aug. 20.

Garfield Balsom, food safety and recall specialist for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said the same seed lot was used for both manufacturers’ products, and salmonella test came up positive for them all.

Living Foods distributed sprouts in Alberta, and possibly British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while the products from Sunsprout Natural Foods were distributed in Ontario and the Maritimes Provinces and also may have been sold in Quebec, according to a release from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.